How former British politician Ed Balls can help you translate your frontend application

Oct 10 2021

On April 28 2011, former British Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Ed Balls tweeted this... It was a wonderful day of humour for most Brits to have an innocent giggle at our political leaders before getting back to making tea and grumbling about the weather (or whatever it is we are stereotypically known for). ...

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The privacy-first tech stack for 2021

Jan 24 2021

Privacy topics and anti-BigTech™️ sentiment were already growing before the letters “G-D-P-R” had become part of everyday speech and in 2021 it is bigger than ever. Large companies and startups alike are waking up to the fact that this topic is not going away and simply adding 30 more pages of Ts & Cs (that nobody outside of an overpaid law firm will ever read) is simply not going to cut it...

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I’ve built something today, what have you done?

Jan 19 2021

I’m not the first person to say this but this a point that often gets lost in the noise — learning frameworks is not the path to being a good developer, building applications is. My first web app was a multi-user real-time DAW built entirely with emerging (at the time) technology...

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Playing with React Native

Mar 19 2016

It’s finally time to start building apps with JavaScript. During one of our hack days at GoSquared I decided to play with one of the latest of Facebook’s numerous open source endeavours. Having already gained a reputation in my team as a React fanboy, I decided to take my enthusiasm a step further and attempt to build an iOS app in a day using React Native...

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